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Another Bright Idea in Lighting

When you choose our Glow-Rite® Lighting Form System, you don't have to compromise lighting of the pool for the cover. You can now have perimeter lighting when choosing amenities and options for building pools, steps and cornice mouldings. Glow-Rite Lighting Form System comes in two track variations and are able to handle the multiple shapes of fiber optic cable.

Form flexibility gives designers and contractors endless options in pool shapes (1 ft radius capability with use of filament tape)
Fiber optic track locks into the form and concrete
Minimal extra clean up. Concrete doesn't ooze inside track when pouring the slab
Safely light the edge when cover is on the pool versus not at all

Click Image For Shapes  Available shapes for the Glow-Rite Lighting Form System. An aluminum retainer track is available for the Glow-Rite Key-Lock Liner Form, of which their part numbers can be found here.

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 Glow-Rite Instructions
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