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Vinyl Liner Key-Lock Forms with Aluminum Tracks
Lock Into Exceptional Aluminum Liner Forms

Key-Lock™ forms offer an advanced attachment system for vinyl liner pools. Aluminum Key-Lock forms have all the advantages of regular Key-Lock, with more choices for fiber optic lighting capability.

When the concrete has finished its initial set, the key is unlocked with a quarter turn, and the form is removed
Radius cut retainer option allows designers and contractors endless options in pool shapes. Inside and Outside Radius cut tracks available.
Key-Lock Keys are reusable
Forms are light weight and disposable after the job
Forms are available with 112 feet of straight or radius cut aluminum track.

Click Image For Shapes  Available shapes for our Aluminum Key-Lock forms include:
French Curve, Keystone, and Poly.

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Key-Lock Aluminum Tracks
Aluminum Straight or Radius Cut Tracks

Key-Lock Liner tracks are used to hold the liner into into a vinyl liner pool. They are made of heavy strength aluminum and are available in straight or radius cut lenghts. Some of our tracks offer the option of Fiber Optic lighting.

Available in the Top Mount Track, Track on Track Liner Track, Round Fiber Optic Track, Flat Fiber Optic Track and the Fiberworks Track
Aluminum tracks provide the strength to last in extreme cold weather conditions.

Click Image For Shapes  Available shapes for our Aluminum Key-Lock accessories include:
Flat, Round, and Top Mount Tracks.

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