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Weatherproofing Protection

Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ is the product you need to shield mineral surfaces against the harmful effects of moisture and extreme temperature change. Protect-A-Deck can be used on Keystone Kool Deck, Designer Colors, Marquee, Gypsum, Stucco or Brick.

Curbs deteriorating effect of water and salts on concrete with durable water repellency ( 5 to 10 yrs.)
Chemically attaches to any mineral surface and bridges hairline cracks.
Apply with a construction sprayer.
Does not affect color of sprayed surface and will not change surface texture.
Solvent-Free Silicone Siloxane.

Home and Business owners can purchase this product by contacting:
R1 Supply at or 817-581-1344
Your Deck Appeal at

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Available Accessories

Designer Colors
Kool Deck Elite

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